We can be proud of top speed repairs within the agreed period, the warranty for all works carried out in our workshop, from light, medium and heavy breakdowns over polishing and painting to the procurement of spare parts needed to repair your vehicle. In order to verify the sincerity and dedication of our work, each repair that we do has an unconditional guarantee.

Quality is a complex concept that in all things as well as in paintwork and lacquering. The quality depends on the operating procedures and materials used. In our service we use techniques and materials that meet the absolute highest standards in our field of work. The absolute quality of the work is an integral part of our business policy from which there can be no deviation.

Years spent working in the best authorized services, on most expensive cars, do not allow us to act as a team of people who have learned it all, but as a team that is willing to work with the latest technology and continue to evolve. Professionalism and flexibility that we represent are important, as much as tools we use, because you are one who should get what you want for your money.

All of our employees have gone through excellent training and have extensive experience. With a commitment to work and it's quality we have managed to gain the trust of our customers, as well as their recommendations. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount and therefore we are very willing to help in solving any problems.



In this case, repairs are performed by correcting the shapes of damaged parts. If damage is minor, like dents caused by hale or gravel, it is most likely possible to repair the parts with the Paintles Dent Recovery (PDR) technique. This method uses mechanical treatment of parts without repainting and varnishing. We also repair and polish headlights, returning their factory performance levels.



In severe cases due to extensive damage it is usually a common occurance to replace parts with new ones, or second-hand ones (depending on the client's wish). We certainly try our best to repair the parts but will never do so compromising the safety of the vehicle by going outside factory standards.



If the client is resolved to procure spare parts, we fully support it and can also give free constructive advice. Also, the client may authorize us to get the parts and practically perform the "key-in-hand" favor.



In many cases, insurance companies provide a recommendation on the choice of service providers with whom they have signed a cooperation agreement, but the owner has the right to independently make a choice of the place where the vehicle will be repaired.